Marta Moreno, Ph.D.

Marta Moreno, Ph.D.

fMRI-TMS Director

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Dr. Moreno completed her undergraduate training in psychology at the Madrid Complutense University (UCM), Spain. She earned her first Ph.D. in Clinical Medicine from the UCM School of Medicine in 2007 with the first-class distinction and received the prestigious award by the Royal Academy of Medicine for the best thesis of 2007- 2008. During her 4-year Clinical Psychology Residency Training, she developed a passion for clinical psychiatry/neuroscience and collaborated with several National and International research projects on the neurobiology of bipolar and schizophrenia patients.

As a result of the call to pursue clinical psychiatry and neuroscience, Dr. Moreno received her second Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the UCM School of Philosophy in 2013. She was then awarded a fellowship grant by the Foundation for Brain and Mind in Spain, which brought her to Columbia/NYSPI where she was trained in non-invasive brain stimulation techniques and neuroimaging.

In the past seven years at Columbia/NYSPI, she specialized in neuroimaging analysis using MRS, resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC), and computational mapping of brain networks. She was exposed to invasive and non-invasive brain stimulation as both a treatment and an investigational tool. Dr. Moreno is currently an Assistant Professor at Columbia University.

Dr. Moreno continues her passion for the study and identification of brain network architecture and malfunction in patients with depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders. These career experiences have led her to develop techniques for the analysis and guidance of more targeted and personalized treatment approaches such as TMS.

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