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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Guided by fMRI in NYC

Neurotherapeutics is the premier clinic for functional imaging-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). fMRI-Guided TMS is a safe, innovative, and non-invasive therapy technique. We have had proven success in treating a wide range of acute and chronic mental disorders and brain injuries. Our TMS clinic is conveniently located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Our practice is unique in our use of cutting-edge fMRI technology to map brain activity. This proprietary technique allows us to provide the most accurate possible diagnosis. Then, we can create a fully personalized treatment plan tailored to each individual patient. This is opposed to the generalized approach of other TMS methods. At Nuerotherapeutix, we precisely target misfiring electrical signals. This way, we can restore and preserve neuroplasticity and function specifically where it is most needed. fMRI-Guidance also enables us to monitor tangible results as connections are restored and brain function improves over time.


Conditions We Treat

TMS treatment of Sequelae from Neurosurgery


TMS for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


Neurons firing over brain connections
TMS treatment of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)


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This magnetic beam is delicately aimed at nodes of networks or regions of the brain which are functionally disconnected from the normal areas. Using brain mapping technology, we attempt to restore brain circuits to a healthier condition, and alleviate the underlying abnormalities.


Think of the electrical fuse box in your house and the frustration when wires and circuits are disrupted. Magnify that a millionfold and you can understand how these misfires cause behavioral and degenerative diseases. What TMS will do is to untangle them and reattach these nerve pathways to normalize their function. This is commonly referred to as neuroplasticity and this technology catalyzes the healing process. We can safely and effectively treat a vast array of brain disorders that have failed conventional therapy virtually without side effects.


We can safely and effectively treat a vast array of brain disorders that have failed conventional therapy virtually without side effects. Our patients will be seated comfortably in a chair similar to dental chairs and fitted with a cap. A tracker (sensors) attached to a band is placed around your head. While you are sitting, two large television screens will show your brain map and the areas that are to be treated.


Meet Our Doctors

Marta Moreno, Ph.D
fMRI-TMS Director
Sandlin Lowe, MD
Clinical Director
Robert M. Scolnick, MD
Medical Director
Alayar Kangarlu, Ph.D.
MRI Physicist

Patient Testimonials

Our TMS Reviews

Have traumatic brain injury and TMS with Dr Moreno has been more helpful than anything I have tried. Showed me insight into my brains connectedness and have been fostering neural growth in areas that were inactive. Truly hope there will be greater access to this treatment to a wider range of people in th

Sam M.

This place gave me my life back. I wish more people had the opportunity to come here and meet with this incredible team to discover the best treatment plan for themselves. Truly grateful to the staff here for everything they have done for me. My only regret is not finding Neurotherapeutix sooner. If you have found yourself on this page looking at this review, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Kelly B.

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to address problems with anxiety, sleeplessness, and severe depression. After countless doctors, therapists, and medications I found a real solution in fMRI guided TMS. Besides being incredibly caring human beings, Doctors Moreno & Kangarlu are world class experts in a cutting edge field.

Jason N.

I have been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety for more that 15 years and have received the spectrum of treatments available today from pharmacological to standard TMS. None could improve my condition and during the last year I was unable to attend to my business and family responsibilities. I stayed in bed all day long and my wife and family suffered tremendously with my affliction. If it wasn't for the treatment I have received at Neurotherapeutix from Dr. Moreno, I do not know where I would have been today, perhaps broken family and lost my business. However, soon after...

TMS ( Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ) Treatments Helped ! Dr. Moreno And Dr. Alayar Are Good Doctors !

Steve C.

My mother has received treatment from Neurotherapeutix to support her recovery from a brain tumor. Our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, and the results are clearly evident in her increased cognitive function and uplifted mood. We’re grateful to everyone at Neurotherapeutix, it’s a kind and caring place, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. Very pleased.

Chris S.

"I tried to seek help through therapy which never really helped. I went off different psychiatric meds and I am now into my 50s and finally discovered Neurotherapeutix. I have been coming here for probably 20 or so treatments and I can tell you that my anxiety is much, much lessened than it was..."

"The reason I am here for this special treatment is because my son is getting individualized treatment that is individualized for his specific needs... I'm working with Dr. Moreno and it's really helping my son with his language and cognitive. I've been coming here for three weeks and have already noticed a big difference with my son."

"My son suffered a traumatic brain injury about four years ago. He has been going through all types of therapy. We found Dr. Moreno and this incredible new treatment. He is really improving on a daily basis. We are very happy with Dr. Moreno. She is excellent with my son. We look forward to contuining with this treatment."

"I've been taking my two daughters here for several years. The therapists here are warm, caring and supportive."

"Luckily I found Neurotherapeutix about three months ago. I've been receiving fMRI guided TMS and it's really been helping me. I'm feeling a lot better each day I'm coming here."

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