Who Does Our TMS Treatment Help?

We believe it’s important for the community to understand both how we help and who we can help...

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Neurons and Nervous System

What is fMRI-TMS?

Using Imaging Technology to Show Blood Flow in the Brain What is fMRI-TMS? The beauty of our...

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Man with Alzheimer's Looking Out Window with Healthcare Worker

Treating Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) With TMS

Neurotherapeutix Treats Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) with fMRI-Guided rTMS fMRI-Guided rTMS...

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Psychologist with Group Therapy Session

Is TMS Covered by Insurance?

At Neurotherapeutix, we know that dealing with insurance is a frustrating process. While we...

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Doctor examining brain scans

How is an fMRI different than a typical MRI?

It’s important that you get the right fit for your healthcare needs and preferences. When...

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Abstract Picture of Brain for Mini-stroke

fMRI-Guided Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Mini-Stroke (TIA)

fMRI-Guided TMS offers promise for prevention of and rehabilitation from Mini-Strokes (TIA). A...

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MRI Results

Early Detection of Brain Disorders

Our proprietary technology using functional MRI (fMRI) allows early detection of brain...

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Woman holding brainscan to cover face

Celebrities and Brain Disorders – Actor Chris Hemsworth

Celebrities and Brain Disorders Preventing Cognitive Decline An article discussing celebrities...

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Neurons firing over brain connections

Brain Connections from Birth and Beyond

Brain Connections from Birth and Beyond The human brain is one of the most complex parts of the...

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