I have been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety for more that 15 years and have received the spectrum of treatments available today from pharmacological to standard TMS. None could improve my condition and during the last year I was unable to attend to my business and family responsibilities. I stayed in bed all day long and my wife and family suffered tremendously with my affliction. If it wasn’t for the treatment I have received at Neurotherapeutix from Dr. Moreno, I do not know where I would have been today, perhaps broken family and lost my business. However, soon after Dr Moreno’s fMRI-guided TMS treatment started I slowly moved to a good place and every aspect of my life began improving. I am energetic and hopeful in life in general and attentive to my business and family. I believe that I am back to the mood and health I was before I was stricken with this disorder and all my friends confirm my feelings. What Dr Moreno did for me is life changing to say the least. Dr. Moreno and her assistant were there for me during these awful times. There are so many improvements, positive changes, and accomplishments in my life that are a direct result of the treatment and care I have received from Dr. Moreno and her staff. I hope that anyone who reads my description of the experience with Dr Moreno gives this fascinating technology and clinic a chance to change their lives the way they did for me.

Lastly, I have to comment on their team’s professionalism, highly sophisticated expertise in the field of imaging, TMS and neuroscience, they are warm and personable characters and what I believe to be the most important was that they treated me like a person, with dignity and make me feel I am not just a number nor a test subject, but someone the Dr. took time with attention to give individual care and treatment. I forever indebted to Dr Moreno and her team at Neurotherapeutix.

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