What is fMRI-TMS?

Neurons and Nervous System

What is fMRI-TMS?

Using Imaging Technology to Show Blood Flow in the Brain

What is fMRI-TMS?

The beauty of our special treatment system is found in fMRI-TMS technology. Though it might sound like a jumbled alphabet soup, it’s some of the most exciting news that has come along in decades! Here’s an overview of how it works…

  • First, let’s talk about functional magnetic resonance imaging. You may know that Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a method of forming pictures of the organs in your body using magnetic fields, their gradients, and radio waves. CT scans and x-rays use the ionizing radiation of x-rays, which can be damaging; but MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves. It’s especially useful for visualizing soft tissue like blood vessels, brain tissue, and muscles.

Now, whereas MRI specializes in displaying structures, fMRI specializes in showing function. And the way the fMRI does it is by showing blood flow. For example, when a football player runs across the field in hopes of scoring a touchdown, he’s really working his leg muscles, right? The blood flow to his leg ramps up to feed and empower the muscles to do the job they need to do.

In other words, when something is functioning, the blood flow to the area increases. Therefore, by identifying areas of increased blood flow, the fMRI highlights the locations of these functioning areas.

The more the brain functions the greater the blood flow

Now, let’s take it a step further. Some of those functioning areas are functioning well, but some are functioning badly. Like a strained or broken ligament. Sometimes it’s important to find areas that are functioning in the wrong way so we can change and improve them. In a word, FIX them. That’s exactly what we are doing at Neurotherapeutix.

We’re addressing, not guessing. We’re able to identify specific areas in your brain that need to be restored. From that, we’ll create a customized treatment plan for YOU! Our TMS treatment course is precisely guided by a personalized plan. Our team uses computerized imaging and Neuro-navigation for greater success rates with longer-lasting results.

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